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New Years Art Challenge Winners!

Thu Jan 15, 2015, 7:33 PM by Mrs-Durden:iconmrs-durden:

Dear members,

Last week we announced a small art challenge that was themed around New Years. We received many great entries, and now it is time to announce the winners! But first off, here is a feature of all the entries we received:

Happy New Years (Entry for GetWatchers's Contest!) by XxApple-DashxX Feliz Ano Nuevo 2015! by MarshalBird Happy new year by Rikel28 Stovetop Coffee by coffeenoir
New Year's Celebration    A warm breeze dances through the crowd of people standing in the street. They stare at the sky and the camera, all hoping to document this moment. This ticking of a giant second hand on a clock, telling them they have all gotten a little older, a little wiser, a little more mature. Children laugh and play, running and jumping with multicolored ice cream cones grasped in their hands. People look up as an sporadic collage of colorful explosions lights up the sky, drawing the crowd's attention. Perhaps their minds wander for a moment, traveling back to a time closer to who they wish they could be, to who they want to become. And in that split second, just like the flame on the wick of a firecracker, a spark breathes inside them. A wish for the future, a dream, a prayer that this year will be wonderful, that it will be full of laughter and happy times. Then the fireworks end, and the people disperse, wandering back to their bars, their parties, their homes, families and child Liza by rooze23 Winter Fields by ArtClem happy new yare by Eleween
New YearsNew Years
Hopeful resolutions
Optimistic thoughts
Maybe this is the year when things get better
Maybe this year will be ok
Maybe this year will let us breathe
Old hurts
Open wounds
Scars from the year just past
Maybe this year they can heal
Maybe his year they will finally seal
Maybe this year it won’t hurt so much
But most likely not
Surrounded by friends and family
Good food
A pounding bass
A sparkling room
Lights off
Sitting alone
An oppressive silence
Darkness fills the room
The clock strikes twelve
People hug
Eyes lit up with hope and joy as fireworks light up the sky
They sit in silence
Or lay in a restless sleep
Trapped alone with their demons
No hope nor joys lights up their eyes
In its place sits a numbing despair, anger and hurt
A time of hope
A celebration of new chances
A fresh start
This is the year when everything changes
This is it
The pain settles in
There is no celebration
No new beginnings
Just another day to endure
This is it
Mint and chocolate by IAMARG2 Follow your dreams- Dokudoku by BittersweetHorizon Happy Newyear 2015 by ponyfleute
Sparklers - HAPPY 2015 by SamanthaJT Joy, or sorrow?... by petrexkgb TASTING 2015 by marraz-dezagun Ghosts of the Past by PrinceCharmingLoki
Para a Malu by kleinir New Year by bondtop3gr Gie Knuklebomb by KnuKleBoMb First Snow - Winterworld by Malintra-Shadowmoon
Year Of The Goat by satan3000 A Newy Year and New Friends by BunnyGal2 Jen Through The Years by Tsukubane MY LIFE'S PARTITION by EBENEWOOD

A reminder of the prizes:
  • 1st place: 3month Premium Membership on DeviantART, or the equivalent amount of points 636 Points.
  • 2nd place: 200 Points
  • 3rd place: 200Points

The winners are....

1st place:
Growth by j-hauyan
2nd place:
Year of the Goat by putridCheese
3rd place:
365 Challenge Day 1 by Fleur-de-Noel

Thank you to everyone for participating!

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if you favourite or watch, chances are I'll check out your page and do the same.. :D <3
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